15 August Independence Speech for School kids

This is the day we got Independence from British countries. Before India and Pakistan are together and are ruled by East Indian countries by more than 200 years. We are completely under control of them and we got freedom from such dependence on August 15th 1947. Form the year 1947 we has been celebrating this day Independence Day and today we all are here to celebrate our 70th Independence Day. This is been celebrating by all religious people and as India is a democratic country any one can live in any state. Students actively participate in this event to make it successful. Our honorable Prime Minister hoists our national flag in Red fort and will be chief guest for many events. It is the best stage to show cases our native talents irrespective of states and regions.

Great freedom fighters fought against English countries in getting freedom. Because of their sacrifice now we are enjoying our freedom. Before independence India was under control of other countries and used to pay huge amount of taxes. We are forced to avoid using our own products and forced to use foreign products. These foreign products are available at high cost and there was no option for us. All these activities raised patriotism in our young leaders and started unions to fight for freedom. Parliamentary system was implemented after independence and this system provided to select our own leader by voting. Jawaharlal Nehru was our first prime Minister under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. Great leaders like Bhagat Singh, Subach Chandra Bose, Bankin Chandra Chatterjee and many female leaders also fought against British Country by sacrificing their personal lives. Leaders like Bhagat Singh and Subash Chandra Bose lost their lives during fighting in getting Independence for us. Our fore fathers struggled a lot with the rules of British people and became slaveries in their industries. They are forced to work more hours for fewer wages and people like Bhagat Singh stood against this activity and lost their valuable life. All our freedom fighters treated all Indian people as their own family and finally on August 15th 1947 British people left India and that day has been declared as Independence Day in India.

We started taking our own decisions in all aspects and we have an option to elect our beloved leader as ruling person. If we continue the same kind of growth definitely in five to ten years India will be a developed country. Now a days, India is giving tough competition to all other developed countries in many sectors games and IT technology. It is our own responsibility to maintain same growth and should be ready to fight in case needed. Today’s children are tomorrow’s young citizens and we should patriotism feel in our hearts. We have to treat our country as our mother land and should be ready to fight like our freedom fighters to remain in history.

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