GTPL Customer Care Number

GTPL is a Internet and TV channels service provider, who provide service of channels and other broadcast services in the state of Gujarat. The service providers are very popular for their unlimited Internet plans for both commercial and residential users, the packages are extremely popular for youngsters as they can get an Internet connection at an affordable price. The installation charges to package charges quite attractive. The service providers will stand in the market for a while for sure.

 GTPL is a telecom company and GTPL stands for (Gujarat Tele links Private Limited ) who provide internet services and cable connections provider, who are popular in their home ground Gujarat. The GTPL has spreading their by expanding their territory and reach of their services by nine states. The GTPL provide very good services when it comes to Internet but they are kind of a step back when it comes to cable.
GTPL Customer Care Number

GTPL is also famous for their other services like learn about traffics of other services like Internet plans they offer, new plans on cable, better broadband packages and more. The Internet service providers are surviving in the competitive market along with the major players like TATA, Act corp and more. The company has been facing a lot of issues from the paid customers because of the poor quality they are delivering to their customers.

So most of the customers are facing inconvenience from the major players. GTPL because of their poor quality delivering of Internet and cables. The company has been doing their best to provide the customers with better options they have but its not working. The GTPL has some great offers which you may not find from rest of the major players and you cannot expect such offers from major players from the same field.

GTPL Broadband Plans

You can find the pricing from the official page, however i would like to give you a quick review on their pricing and how they were able to become most popular Internet service providers from the the scratch.

The GTPL ISP has some interesting packages, though the the packages are differentiated from the price but they have this eye catching options which can easily convince you to subscribe their package.

The broadband plans are offered three divided options or packages.

  • Unlimited plans.
  • Day-Night plans.
  • Volume based plans.

Unlimited plans are offered in three variants from staring 384 kbps, the speed offered which you will never find this package by any other service provider. However we do not suggest you to purchase it because the speed is extremely low and the smartphone network can perform better than this. The videos buffer and other things like games, downloading and surfing will be disturbed. It’s pretty annoying when you have speed which is slower than networks.

Day-Night plans are for those who are busy can only give a certain amount of time to their personal life. If you ask my opinion, there are several working employees who are busy at day time and they can give few hours to their personal life. Coming to their social networking sites, everyone has 2G connectivity on their smartphones. Now even networks has released 4G connectivity to serve customers with latest technology of internet speed. Day-Night plans were for those customers who want to use Internet only when they needed. Day and Night plan, you can choose the Internet either on Day or Night, the choice is entirely up to you.

Volume based plans are nothing but the packages with more FUP (Fair usage policy). You can select any package of a specific speed and choose your own FUP. Which is quite awesome, when you can choose only FUP limit and only pay for what you are using.

GTPL Customer Care

The GTPL has their own customer care so that they can provide their customers to known them better. The company has provided a Toll-free-number 1800 208 5000

You can use the number 1800 208 5000 for making queries on Internet packages and cable services. You can even use he number to rely your feedback, which will make the company even better. 

GTPL Customer Care Number

That’s not the end of the customer care of GTPL, the company has even set up a special dedicated customer care, who have been trained to give you the best for Internet services, you can reach the experts of Internet service 18004190419.


GTPL may not be the best internet provider in the industry but the GTPL has been providing very good cable services, which are not only they have started for, also the cable services are what motivated the GTPL Internet service provider and cable connection services.

The prices and packages offered by the company has latest and the best liked service provider in Gujarat. GTPL has been expanding their territory to other states and amazing part is they will soon be available in your city as well.