All about Happy Diwali-Festival Of Lights

Diwali is one of biggest festivals in India that has been celebrated by all Indians. Diwali is known as Festival Of Lights and this is generally celebrated before winter in Mid-October or starting of November. Diwali is Hindu festival and people celebrate Happy Diwali as a sign of inviting Lord Lakshmi. Diwali is been celebrating in different ways like exchanging gifts, Lakshmi poojas, decorating our house or shop with flowers and lightnings, fire crackers and many. On this day every street and house will be white washed and decorated with pictures, flowers and lightnings.

What is the story Behind Diwali

To celebrate Happy Diwali has huge history behind. Different state people believe in different story in celebrating Happy Diwali. Whatever may be the reason people enjoy Diwali with full happiness and satisfaction. Originally Diwali is a five day festival and now-a-days it has become only one day festival. Only few people know that Diwali is a five day festival and most of us assume it as only one day festival. The first day of Diwali is called ‘Dhanwantari Triodasi’ and we used to start lighting from this day. Second day is called ‘Narak Chaturdasi’ and Lord Krishna destroyed Narakasura on this day. Third day is the actual day of Diwali and it is the day we perform special poojas to Lord Lakshmi. Fourth day is ‘Goverdhan Pooja’ and finally fifth day is for ‘Bhratri Dooj’. Bhratri Dooj day is specially dedicated to sisters. According to Hindu Mythology we have different stories in celebrating Happy Diwali.


  • Most of the people believes that Diwali is been celebrated as a symbol of happiness on killing Narakasura. Narakasura is a Demon who is responsible for unhappiness among the people. Lord Krishna fought with this Demon and released many people from his custody. People felt happy for this and declared to celebrate this day as synonym for happiness and declared as Diwali.
  • We all are aware of Lord Rama who left his kingdom Ayodhya along with his wife for fourteen years of exile. People celebrates Diwali as an occasion that Lord Rama returned to Ayidhya after fourteen years of exile and demonstrating the demon Ravan during the exile. Ayodhya people welcomed Lord Rama with full lightings, flowers, fireworks and this became a custom.
  • During ‘Sagara Madhanam’ by demon on one side and lords on the other side Lakshmi appeared on this day. We conduct several special Lakshmi poojas on this auspicious day and it has been believed that it Lord Lakshmi’s Birthday. Diwali is celebrated on ‘New moon day’ which is famous as ‘Karthika Amavasya’ and to make it bright we decorates our houses with lightings and fireworks.
  • According to ‘Mahabharat’ this was the day that Pandavs returned from thirteen years of exile. As the day is ‘Karthika Amavasya’ people welcomed Pandavas with full of lights and celebrations to avoid Amavasya darkness.
  • We also have one more special reason that king Mahabali was overcome by Lord Vishnu in Vamana Avatar.

Where Diwali is celebrated

Different state people believe in different stories. For instance, North people celebrates as a resemblance of Lord Rama coming back to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, South Indian people celebrates as a symbol of happiness in destroying Naraka by Lord Krishna, western Indian people celebrates as a mark of coming Lord Vishnu in Vamana Avatar. Non Hindu communities also celebrate Happy Diwali like Jains marks as symbol of awakening Lord Mahavira and Sikhs marks as the day Sikh Guru released from jail.

This is a special time with family
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Wishing laughter and fun to cheer on this special day,
with festive mood of Diwali and always happiness!!!!!!!!

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Happy Diwali is the day which we perform Kali Pooja to make her calm down as this was day long back Lord Kali fought with many people and was not in control. Lord Shiva took the situation into his hands and made it normal.