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Hello guys, I know many of you are very much eager about the 70th Independence Day of India that is going to be held on August 15th. Now there are only two weeks for the most celebrated festival of the country. So, here we are providing you some HD images related to Indian Independence day to show your patriotism and love towards the country.

Short Independence Day Essay with Photos

India has been freed from the dominating rule of British on India since centuries on 15th August 1947. After loads of struggle and many sacrifices of the great leaders India has snatched its right to freedom from the Whites. After Independence India was portioned in to two regions India and Pakistan, Pakistan celebrated its Independence Day on August 14th.

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Became the first prime Minister of free India and hoisted the National flag Tiranga on Red Fort at New Delhi. We celebrate this day every year with love and patriotism in every corner of India. Roads and Lanes will be filled by the National flags all around and singing national Anthem whole heartedley. We salute to the Leaders and their sacrifices to make India free, we pray for them with at-most love and affection.

Independence Day is declared as the National holiday by the Government of India since 1947. On this day President of India Addresses the people of India and Prime Minister hoists the National Flag on Red fort in New Delhi and Addresses the Indian citizens. Not only by Prime Minister of India but in every state, district, city and colony we hoist a National Flag.

So, here we are providing you with some Independence Day Wallpaper, Independence Day Images, Independence Day Photos, Independence Day pictures, Independence images and Independent Pictures.

Independence Day Wallpaper

Independence day celebraions

Independence day speech

Independence day wallpaper

Independence day images

Independence day images

Independence Day Images

Independence Day is the day when India became free from the foreign ruling (British India at that time). Independence day became one of the most iconic moment and it was happiest day of every citizen of India.

On Independence Day, the first prime minister was chosen, which is no other than Mr.Nehru, of the freedom fighter, who fought along braves souls like Gandhi.

On that day, India also partitioned between India and Pakistan after a mass casualties took place over religion matter. Millions of people were killed before the partition of Pakistan.

On each year of Independence Day, you can witness that the prime minister of India raises the flag each year because it is a ritual which our first prime minister raised our tri-color flag for the first time in history.

Then it was decided that every year the prime minister of India will raise the flag. You can check the Independence day Images. There are several Independence day Photos are available of this event.You can even check out some of the old historic Independence day Photos and Independence day Images.

Independence day essay for students

Independence day pictures

Independence day speech for kids

Independence day photos

Independence day essay

Conclusion :

You can go online and check out Independence day Photos from august 1947. Our ancestors have always inspired us even after 69 years passed away. We still believe in their ideals and path they took. They will be remembered and you can find Independence day Images and look at the historic legacy India.

Here ends our post on Independence Day images and Independence Day wallpapers. So, the above are the free Independence Day pictures that you can download and set as your Facebook profile picture or as a Whatsapp display image etc.

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