Intex Customer Care Number

Intex is a branded manufacturer of mobile smartphones, smart wearable, tablets, refrigerators, power Bank, LED TV, speakers, washing machine and it accessories. The company has been manufacturing smartphones and other products for a long time for the Indian consumers.

Intex has offers several electronic devices into the market by announcing the latest features which their products are integrated with. Intex has introduced several other products such as washing machine and LED TV.

Intex Customer Care Number

The company has been serving the Indian consumers with the latest technology they have provided it affordable prices and the quality they had delivered is been appreciated by Indian consumers.

For the last 5 years the company has been growing rapidly. Intex has encouraged by the Indian consumers to release even more revolutionary products into the market at affordable price.

The company has expanded rapidly after they had announced the day will also be releasing other products such as LED TV. However there are several other big players in the market have playing, for a company like Intex announcing the round LED TVs is too early for the company to handle because Intex company has very good reputation, only enough juice product under 5000 rupees.

Intex manufacturer has not being discouraged by the words of other big players and stepped on doing what they have been doing until now.
The company has successfully released the LED TVs including other products such as washing machines in to the market.

The Intex company has getting positive reviews from all across the india about the affordable machines they have been delivering to the loyal customers and making the work easy for the Indian consumers.

Intex company has definitely grown to largest industry scale first past 5 years, intex company has covered smartphone industry has even took for the steps to promote their products at a larger scale by involving some of the trusted faces and voices all movie industry.
Intex has also opened up their arms for the brand ambassadors, giving the opportunity to the famous stars of the specific glamour industry. South superstar Mahesh Babu has been selected to promote the Intex products all over the south industry and South consumers to increase the trust among the south consumers.

Apart from South Mahesh Babu who is also known as Prince Mahesh is not only the only person to promote the Intex products.

Intex has also honored another South start who has always been known for his actions back acting, I am talking about Surya. The Surya has represented the Intex brand to increase the trust level of south consumers to impress them to purchase Intex products.

Intex has not done with the promotion part because then you they are far behind other major players in the home appliances and smartphone consumer markets. So intex also welcome to another celebrity into the brand ambassador list and his name is Sudeep, who has been what are the fantastic actors the state has.
Intex branding work way above everyone anticipation, intex has not done with the three brand ambassador have done fabulous job, will they have promoted Intex brand to the audiences to increase the trust level among the south audiences.

Intex has not done with the south stars, so they wanted to promote the Intex band nationwide, so they have welcome and other celebrities who has delivered some of the best movies which has added value to the Bollywood industry, multi talented farhan Akhtar was welcome why the Intex brand.

Intex Customer Care

Intex brand has improved in several ways. Intex brand has also wanted to welcome the customers and let the feedback another suggestion to be heard, so the company has decided to arrange a group of people who can answer on the behalf of Intex branch. The Intex brand has set up a customer care so that the customer’s voices can be heard either it can be a positive feedback or a negative complaint intex brand has taking everything to the next level.

Remember, when you are approaching the customer care of Intex brand, you can call them for making any queries are asking any questions related to the product. In case if your query is about an already purchased product then you should carry couple of things which I have mentioned in the next para.

  • First of all, you need to carry the bill and invoice before calling.
  • Remember the problem properly and revise the problem to make sure you are mistaking.

Intex Customer Care Number

Toll-Free-Number : 1860 108 5555, The customer care services are available 24/7, so that you can solve your queries and issues anytime.

Wrap up – Intex Customer Service:

To the Indian consumers. Intex brand has introduce several products and services for the Indian consumers so that Intex brand cancer Indian consumers better than any other manufacturers and brands in the country. Even though there are minor issues in policies and products, Intex has trying the best to deliver the Indian consumer.

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