MTNL broadband Customer Care Number

MTNL stands for “Mahanagar Telephone Nigam LTD” which is a govt established service. The MTNL provides various services, which includes Telephone lines, Mobile network service, and Broadband service. The MTNL has been around for almost three decades providing service where were are available in India during early stages.

The objective of the MTNL is that to provide the Indians with the best and affordable plans so that people can afford and make a good use of latest technology. When the MTNL initiate started, it was a game-changing the path for the Indians because of those times, there were no proper communication sources. These were the reasons what led GOVT to start BSNL and MTNL

MTNL was a huge success when it was launched after it has opened up the new path to start a business and jobs in India. To make MTNL even better, the MTNL authorities have to expand the services to other cities as it was only available for the citizens of Delhi at that time. So it is by authorities to open up the services to other states, and they have expanded it.

MTNL Broadband

MTNL has become one of the most trustable Internet service providers in India because the MTNL staff is none but the GOVT officials itself. The GOVT initiate has taken the Internet world to next step by introducing reasonable packages to the citizens. The services are reliable when it comes to the Internet service.

However, there is also another side of the story, which can only be experienced and reviewed only after you subscribe one of the packages of the MTNL broadband. MTNL doesn’t have excellent customer care. The customer care executives doesn’t respond properly, and the services have worsened with time.

The MTNL has lost the position over the past few years because of the bad service they are providing to the customers. The broadband services have several issues on the company side, which has led the MTNL broadband to lose many customers in just two years. The customers have raised tickets, after using MTNL Broadband for few days regarding slow connection, cross mark, and many other issues.

The number of gamers has increased in India, and many gamers are also subscribers are using MTNL broadband as their Internet service provider, and you will hear ” Are you lagging then you must be using MTNL” This phrase is the most common you get to hear among gamers.

MTNL was top of the mountain for decades, but they have lost the trust of customers, and the number of shares and revenue has gone down over the past few years. The MTNL revenue has hit a significant damage because they users are giving up hope on MTNL and switching to other broadband providers, who have gained a lot of trust with their packages and standard services, which are far better than MTNL like Airtel, Reliance, Hathway, You, ACTcorp, TATA and more. The MTNL has got a massive competition from the branded Internet service providers. Even Idea has come to ISP sector.

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The MTNL other services like permanent telephone are the better choice if you are willing to for it. The MTNL does have a sharp edge when it comes to Landlines. Getting an MTNL broadband is good in few cities of Delhi because the MTNL has a sharp edge on certain areas in Delhi. Delhi is the home place of MTNL so obviously it has very good grip. 

MTNL Toll-Free Customer Care Number

MTNL has provided unique customer care. The company is running multiple services like Telephone line, Mobile network, and broadband. So the each service has the own customer care. It ‘s hard to approach them if you do not have the right number of the right service.

To explain that issue, we will provide you Toll-free-number or a standard customer care number so that you can make your doubts regarding your Internet services.

MTNL Customer care number: 1504 (Only four digits number for general queries)

MTNL Customer care number for complaints: 198 or 1504.

You can call any of these No. as suitable to your issue

Other MTNL Enquiry Numbers

MTNL has provided other ways to contact and connect to the customer care to assist you with the issues you have with MTNL. The MTNL has SMS function for your assistance if in case you are unable to reach the customer care.

This is how the SMS procedure goes, Type “MTNL” then send the SMS to 9868552121 or  52121. The both numbers do the same thing.


The MTNL customer care is average when the quality matters, so you have be patient when you approach them with the delayed issue or else you will not be getting any positive replies, that is how it works, unfortunately.

When you call the customer care you will be ready to confirm your identification with the following things, keep you customer id ready and your registered number.

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