Myntra Online Shopping Customer Care Number

Myntra Online Shopping website is another fashion e-commerce site which offers wide range of fashion branded items such as western wear, traditional wear, footwear, accessories, watches, bags, glasses, wallets and more. You can find everything related to fashion and wear. Myntra has been around in the fashion E-commerce world since 2013 and has become on of huge fashion website in India.

The people behind the success are flipkart founders, who have innovated the idea of taking the shopping to a certain level, which not only created a path of accessibility also wide range of fashion products are reaching us, which most of us never heard of.

Myntra Shopping Customer Care Number

Flipkart founders have a very good understanding of the fashion market and Myntra knows the basic needs of customers. Based on that Myntra initiative was born. The strong foundation is the result of what production has envisioned for the company. This led the company win several awards for their innovative idea.

Myntra has several things to offer like branded clothing, accessories, footwear, watches and many other things at an affordable price. The company has heir own application major platforms like android and iOS. The app has over 10 million downloads in total.

Myntra has very cool offers such as, let’s assume that you have selected a pair of shoes then ordered a pair of shoes once it arrives and you pay for what you have selected from Myntra. Myntra has a option and offer for their first time customers that they don’t have to pay for delivery as it will come for free for first time customers.

Now that when you try the product you might not just fit in to it, you can make immediate returns, In case if you have not liked the product you can simply return it. Myntra has very easy returns policy. Under that policy you can simply return any product.

Myntra Customer Care

There are plenty of people who have ordered products by mistake or selected a product by mistake, now they are aware of how they can remove it from the cart and cancel order. This is when Myntra is prepared to take on such customers and they will help you learn how to cancel a order, remove a product from the list and add more products to cart. You can always reach the page of FAQ, you can figure it out by yourself.

Thousands of people order several products online from Myntra using website or app for their loved ones, friends, gift their families or gift themselves pair of shoes or a latest gadget. Among thousands of consumers there is this one guy who has received a defected product or somebody who has not received a product even after the date of delivery.

That is when we do not know, what step we should take next. That is when we are confused over how to track a product or how to replace a defected product. Gone are the days when we stuck in to these situations after we pay heavy amount for a latest gadget and then we find out the product is defected.

Myntra is supported by and Myntra has huge team of customer support to help you out with the problems and queries. Myntra customer support is always active and you can contact them anytime to resolve your problems or for queries.

What Do You Need When You Reach Myntra Customer Care?

This is the part every one realizes after approaching customer care (I’m one of them). If you think customer care is going to give you a replacement for your gadget without confirming the customers then you are living in a cave.

First of all, carry your registered mobile number with yourself (The number which you have provided during billing or ordering the product). You have called the customer care using your registered number.

Look for paper work you can find inside the package or it can e pasted on package, which came along with the product. The package has a code, which gives the customer care full information on the product.

Make sure that you have your email id, order date and call using your registered number. The myntra company has faced a lot of issues as calls were about prank calls, time passers and irrelevant calls. To avoid that such calls as unprofessional calls, the company has disbanded Toll-Free-Number and switched to cost per call.

Even though its not expensive but i think informing your about each detail will be helpful.

 Myntra Customer Care Number

The company has removed their Toll-free-number so it might not look like a official number but this is how things works now on Myntra,

Official Customer Care Number: +91-80-43541999

Unfortunately, Myntra has also removed the official contact us email id to avoid spam and other valid reasons. You can use the official customer care service, which is available 24/7. So you do not need to worry about when and how you call them.

Myntra Contact Number

There is only one official contact number you can connect to the customer support.

Just in case, if your request is unheard or avoided by Myntra customer care (Sometimes your complaints take more than just couple of day then they turn in to weeks) for such scenario, i have just an idea, which might help you resolve your issue a little faster.

However some of the customers are getting replies on social media after they post their issues on Myntra official social pages, perhaps even you might have a change to raise your voice for unheard ears.

You can reach Myntra here:

  • facebook: Remember never post your complain on old post. Post your comment on fresh update from Myntra which has been updated few minutes ago. You will get better response.
  • Twitter: Twitter has some influential people, who are following Myntra might notice your problem and help you out as well. Post your problem onMyntra, until your problem is resolved.
  • G+:You can try on Google plus as well.
  • Youtube: What i can say about Youtube is that, the level of chances is less to get replied on youtube but it’sworth a try.

 Wrap Up:

We have suggested you some of the professional way on how you can approach the customer care and get your problem resolved and also provided you some good tips to make the authorities to hear your unheard story.

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