Punjab national bank ( PNB) customer care number

Punjab national bank is also known PNB for short, and it is the second largest bank in India today. PNB is second largest national bank after SBI (State Bank of India).

PNB is second most important regarding assets and number of accounts registered around the country. The bank was organised in Punjab (Now it’s Lahore, Pakistan), later the headquarters had to be shifted to this country after the state separated. The current office is located in Delhi, and it has been there ever since.

The reason the bank is the second largest national bank is that of the number of customers the bank has. PNB has a huge number of customers and clients, to ensure their access the bank has is now operating it all over the country.

The PNB has spread over 754 major cities with hundred thousands of ATMs to serve their non-Punjabi customers. The bank services are very reliable when you compare them to other national banks.

Opening a bank account with the PNB is easy and charges are very reasonable. The bank has over 5000 branches all over India and PNB has over 38 millions of active accounts on their side. This is not the end, and PNB is also available outside of the country such as Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and the other leading countries.

PNB Customer Care

The PNB has a huge number of clients and serving them at a time will be difficult since they also have customers from the places where the customer cannot visit the nearest branches. So much time also some of the customers who have simple queries to make, which is possible over a call.

PNB has over 30+ million account holders and the Bank wants to serve the customers in a more accurate way and do not want to get left behind by the competitors. Punjab National Bank has decided to start a call center where any customer or account holder of the Punjab National Bank can reach the Bank officials via mobile and telephone.

A customer care has established to support the account holders in a secure and more approachable manner. Punjab National Bank has trained customer care representatives to ensure the quality of the customer care. The customer care representative are very kind and formal when you have the interaction with them, and you can solve your problem, or you can find out all essential infirmation which is required to “Open and account or ATM” issues.

You can call the customer care for issues like

  • How to open and account?
  • What is the status of the account activation?
  • Can you know your account status?
  • How to apply for Credit card?
  • Report lost ATM card.
  • And much other more.

The customer care of the Punjab National Bank only serves their account holders. The bank does not assist Non-PNB account holders.

PNB Toll-free-Number

As we all know that PNB is the second largest national bank in India and the bank does not want to charge their account holders when they are in need of assistance from the bank officials.

The PNB has provided Toll-Free-Number to their customers to approach the customer care from anywhere. The toll-free number is 1800 180 2222.

If you are calling the customer care for necessary information, then you do not need any papers to confirm your identity. If you have questions related to your bank account like what is the current account balance and other good standing questions, then you need few documents which are already provided by the bank. Let us take a look at those required documents.

  • First of all, get your Punjab National Bank passbook (Passbook is already provided by the bank).
  • Look for you account number and your branch IFSC code.
  • Now you can the toll-free number 1800 180 2222 using your registered number (The registered number is the number, which you have mentioned when you have opened an account with the Punjab National Bank)
  • If you do not have your registered number then you have to tell them the registered address (The registered address, which you have mentioned during filling the form of opening a new bank account with the Punjab National Bank )

Once you have your passbook and the registered mobile number you can call the customer care to make some changes into your account.

PNB Net Banking Customer Care

Coming to the online services provided y the second largest national bank. Most of the account holders are online users, and the National Bank has provided net banking services to keep the country citizen updated with very secure and reliable safe business by the Punjab National Bank.

The security measure is taken care by the India most intelligent people to keep your account safe when you are using Net banking services. Here are the quick look at what special services bank is providing.

  • Fast transfer (You can transfer money to any Indian account in a matter of minutes).
  • You can pay bills (using this feature, you can quickly make pay your electricity bill, water bill, cable bill and other bills).
  • Instant recharges.
  • Servers are always up and facing server downtime is rare.

These are few features which you will be getting from the Punjab National Bank Net banking.

PNB International Banking Customer Care Number

It doesn’t matter which country you belong, and you can always reach the Punjab National Bank even if you are not in the India. The Bank services can be accessed like Net banking from the outside of the country.

You can make payment and other transaction outside of the country. However, there are few requirements to make payments outside of the country. You can contact your nearest Punjab National Bank to find what are the documents needed to upgrade your services for International.


Punjab National Bank is reliable when it come to the services they are providing and you do not have to maintain your account like you have to in other private banks such as HDFC, ICICI and other banks.

Punjab National bank has the very well-trained customer care representative to make things easier for the customers.

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