Samsung AC Toll Free Customer Care Help Line Number, E-mail and Other Contact Info

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. It was founded by  Lee Byung-chul and the CEO is Jong-Kyun Shin .

 Samsung  is the world’s second top IT(information technology) company in revenue, after Apple.   On  Jan 13, 1969; 47 years ago Samsung was founded as Samsung Electric Industries.

Samsung has been majorly manufacturing electronic components such as,chips, flash memory semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries and hard drive devices for clients like, HTC, Apple,Nokia and Sony.

In present years, the company has distributed into consumer electronics. Samsung  is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones and   mobile phones  sustained  by the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy devices. Samsung company is also a vendor of tablet computers, particularly the  Samsung Galaxy Android Tab, and is popularly regarded as leading the phone+tablet(Phablet)  market after the Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones.

Samsung has great Fame too in India for air conditioners market. Samsung has a  very good market share, they do have a very good fame among customers and it has become a trustable brand. Samsung at present offers a wide range of split air conditioners and it is related to every model of Samsung split AC.

Samsung split air conditioners are reputed as ‘Eco-friendly’. As Samsung has manufactured these Air Conditioners considering water and air conservation, using low power. Samsung started producing the product spares which are globally recycled. Samsung AC’s uses R-410a, it is an environment friendly (Eco Friendly) refrigerant that helps in cutting down the air pollutants and restrict the use of materials having huge global warming potential (GWP). Samsung has worked hard in shortening the usage of power and also it helps us not only in money saving but also helps in conserving the environment.

When we come to cooling, each and every air conditioner is capable of providing adequate cooling and the Samsung Split AC’s are also capable . But for strong or instant cooling, it should have some special features like:

  • Maximum (Turbo) Cooling

If we enter into our office or home after sizzling heat outside, we at times want instant cool comfort from the sweltering of heat outside. So we have a  feature which powers ON the air conditioner to Turbo Cooling Mode, It is meant that the compressor runs at high speed for half-an-hour(30 minutes) to cool the room quickly. This Turbo mode feature cools the room 15% rapidly when compared to traditional cooling.


Cools down with less work

Single User Mode Is the unique feature which utilizes low Compressor capacity, which shorts the consumption of energy and power.

  • Two-Step Cooling

Cools the area fast, and then cools you down comfortably.

Samsung AC’s begins cooling the room rapidly by switching to its Fast Cool mode, and later it changes automatically the mode to Comfort Cool mode in order to maintain the required temperature.

  • Stabilizer Free Operation

This is used in handling the voltage fluctuations.

The stabilizer free from operation feature which protects AC against sudden voltage fluctuation, surge or drop. It also improves the look of home or office as we need not install a separate stabilizer.

  • 10 Year Warranty

Peace of mind assurance is given.

Samsung has great confidence in the performance of their products. That’s why they are offering a 10 year warranty card on the highly energy-efficient Digital Inverter Compressor which are free from stabilizers.


India (24hrs)
Dial : 1800 3000 8282
Dial : 1800 266 8282
SMS : CARE to 54242

Bangladesh (8am-10pm)
Dial : +88 09612 300 300

Sri Lanka (8am-8pm)
Dial : +94 117 540 540
Dial : +94 115 900 000

Nepal (8am-8pm)
Dial : 1800 0910 113


You can also have a live chat  with Samsung regarding your issues during the working hours of Samsung that is from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM  Mon to Sat.

At the URL  given


You can also write a email to Samsung regarding the issues and in this page you will find Type of the device(phone, laptops, television, air conditioner etc) also sub-type, Model number and topics box in order to write the topic regarding.

The URL provided is


For all service related problems you can contact the URL given

where you can find General enquiries  at,

Technical support at :

Register complaints at :

Conclusion :

The Information provided to you is acquired from Samsung  and is reliable. If there are any issues regarding the contact number or the URL Samsung is solely responsible for that and we are no way concerned.

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